Vampire Power: How to Save Money on Your Power Bill

Find out what vampire power is and how to reduce your electricity usage by banishing it from your home.

In this article, I’m going to show you a simple way to reduce your bill by banishing vampire power, just like our family did.

This means more money left in your bank account and a better outcome for the environment. Did you know that 63% of Australian electricity is generated from coal energy? Coal powered plants are known to produce carbon dioxide, dangerous coal ash, mining destruction and global warming – all good reason to reduce how much electricity you use.

What Do These Appliances Have in Common?

What do TVs, microwaves, games consoles, DVDs, computer monitors, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashing machines, air conditioners and wireless modems all have in common?

They use power even when you’re not using them – standby power – also known as vampire power. It consumes energy when your device or appliance is asleep.

You are paying for electricity you’re not even using.

How Much Vampire Power is Costing You

Energy Australia estimates that standby electricity wastage can contribute up to 10% of your electricity bill!

The cost of one appliance left on standby is small, yet adds up over time. The more devices and appliances left on standby the more electricity and money you waste.

Shockingly, Origin Energy estimates that Australians waste a collective one billion dollars per year from devices left on standby.

This is not just money wasted, it also adds pollution to the environment which contributes to climate change.

What You Can Do About Vampire Power

An individual can make a difference by very simply turning off their appliances and devices at the power point when not in use.

It’s made a difference for us.

The microwave only gets turned on at the power point when in use, then after we’ve stopped using it we turn it off again at the power point.

The same goes for phone chargers. They are only plugged in when in use, then they are unplugged.

Every night, the last person up goes around the house and turns off all the power points. It’s easy to do, saves money and is better for the environment.

Banish the vampire from your house.

Quote: Do One Thing, don't leave appliances on standby.

How many appliances use standby power at your house?

Please comment below with how many you’ve found.

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