Disappearing Money: Where Does It Go?

We often blame the big expenses for sucking our money away, however it could actually be the regular smaller amounts causing the grief.

These small amounts slip under the radar, yet compound into a larger amount – every – single – week.

We are so conditioned into rampant consumerism that we don’t notice it happening all around us.

The problem with consumerism is that it causes damage to both the environment and our finances – affecting the sustainability of both.


Where Does The Money Go?

These small amounts spent often can be insidious. They happen in a gradual, subtle way but have a huge effect.

The good thing about it, is once you become aware of what’s happening, you’ll be able to make changes.

Below you’ll find a list of ways your money is sucked from you unawares.

The List of Money Suckers

As you can see there are so many ways that money fritters away without you knowing.

Imagine the savings you could have by keeping a firm grasp on your finances. That house deposit, overseas holiday or early retirement will be much closer if you track your spending!

The Past, Present and Future of Consumerism

In History: Consumerism it’s suggested that we need a new type of capitalism based on being a consumer of higher needs, and not ‘exploitative, silly or vain consumer appetites. We may also learn to generate enormous profits by helping people as consumers and producers’.

What’s your future as a consumer?

History: Consumerism

What can you do right now to reduce your expenses? Please leave a comment below.

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