Intimacy Done The Frugal Fun Way

Intimacy can be many things: companionship, closeness, togetherness, affection, understanding. Maybe it’s even about lovemaking.

It is not about being a consumer or spending lots of money to impress, keeping up with Joneses, or making stuff more important than relationships.

It is about you and your special significant other.

Here’s a list to help you achieve intimacy the frugal fun way:

Have a bath or shower together

Imagine just the two of you, naked in a hot steamy shower or deep bath, lovingly washing and touching.

Music is playing, the candles are lit, lights are turned off and love is in the air. Perhaps you’ve sprinkled fresh rose petals or added a touch of a special scent.

Enjoy switching off from the demands of life and savour each other’s sensual intimacy.

Try a power outage date, using candles for lighting

There’s no meal more romantic than a candlelit dinner. Go one step further and pretend the power has gone out.

Light up the room with candles, have the wine glasses ready and take pleasure in an intimate meal together.

In winter, this could be extended to time in front of a wood heater, camp fire or backyard fire by just being with each other.

Massage each other

Give an impromptu head and shoulder massage as your partner sits on a chair, or massage each other’s feet when relaxing on the couch together.

For a more intimate massage, lock the doors, turn off your phone and oil up your hands. Start with long luxurious relaxation strokes. Repeat the strokes over and over gradually applying more pressure and going in deeper.

You could massage your partner’s head, neck, back, arms and legs.

Watch this YouTube for step by step instructions on how to give a sensual massage.

Dance together

Where can you dance? I’m sure if I asked my husband he’d say anytime and anywhere!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to dance (like me) or aren’t very good at it (also like me). The important part is the intimacy and making a connection with your partner.

Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalised by music.

Bernard Shaw

Play normal card games or go for something naughtier

Turn off the TV and have time out giving undivided attention to each other just for fun. Our favourite card game is Gin Rummy which can be played with a normal deck of cards. You’d be surprised at how many card games can be played from a standard deck.

If you’re both in the mood for something sexier, check out this naughty game also played using a normal deck of cards (from a Reddit post).

The somewhat steamy card game


  • No touching when the game does not allow it
  • You must both start with the same amount of clothes, which must be more than 2 but less than 12
  • If you have no more clothes to take off and the card requires you to, you must pick again


You place the cards in a pile in the middle of the bed or carpet. You simply take it in turns to take a card. Each card corresponds to a different action. You can take as long as you want picking up your card. Here are the cards and what they each mean:

  • A – Touch yourself for your partner until it is your turn to pick up a card again
  • 2 – Your partner removes one item of clothing
  • 3 – You remove an item of clothing
  • 4 – The female removes an item of clothing
  • 5 – The male removes an item of clothing
  • 6 – Lick your partner anywhere on their skin
  • 7 – Kiss your partner
  • 8 – Chose an object from around the room to play with. It must make contact with your erotic zones
  • 9 – Grind yourself against your partner
  • 10 – Touch your partner wherever you mutually decide
  • J – Spank your partner, if they agree
  • Q – Describe something you haven’t tried before that you think your partner would like
  • K – When this is drawn it means you take control of the situation when the game ends. It can either end here or play until the last card.
Are you the intimacy king or queen of hearts?
Are you the intimacy King or Queen of hearts?

Go for a picnic, even in the backyard

A picnic rug, a bottle of wine, some tasty little snacks, the beauty of nature and each other’s company – sounds divine!

What’s even better about this is you don’t necessarily need to go far. Perhaps a local park or reserve, the beach or a river bank, or even your backyard.

You could also arrange a surprise picnic!

Do a nude drawing of each other

Ask your partner if you can do a nude drawing of them, if they agree ensure they feel safe and warm.

Set up a space where your partner will be comfortable for however long it will take you to complete the drawing.

Now it’s time to be Jack drawing Rose in that sexy scene in the Titanic movie.

Try skinny dipping together, with no one else around, of course

In a secluded place, strip off together and get in the water for some intimacy.

There’s something exciting about a nude splash and frolic with your loved one, whatever your adult age!

Guaranteed to get a smile on your face.

Get dressed in your finest and attend a free event

Keep up to date with the free events offered in your region and plan a romantic date.

You’ll be surprised what’s on offer for free for the community. Perhaps there’s an outdoor ball, or live music, a moonlight cinema, or entertainment as part of a larger festival.

Check out what your council offers, ‘Like’ your town’s Facebook group to keep updated, read the local newspaper for ideas (at the library for free) and take the time to read posters plastered around for further ideas.

More frugal fun

With the nine intimate frugal fun ideas in this article, you’ll be all loved up for the foreseeable future – and it hasn’t cost a cent!

This one hits a trifecta: sustainable love, sustainable finances, sustainable environment.

We don’t need to trash the planet with rampant consumerism to show love.

Love is about people, not stuff.

For more frugal fun ideas have a read of 8 Ways To Have Frugal Fun.