Aussie Millionaires: Seeking People To Interview

The books The Millionaire Next Door and Everyday Millionaires gave us plenty of information about how everyday people gained financial independence.

However, all this data relates to the American context.

I then started to wonder about the Australian financial story.

What was the financial upbringing like for people who became Australian millionaires? What did their profile look like? What strategies did they use to become wealthy?

It was then I decided to create a survey to gain knowledge about how everyday Australians became financially independent.

The Interview

The goal of the interview is to share the Australian financial story with others as a way to inspire, educate and challenge other Australians seeking financial wealth.

The survey contains three sections. These are titled Personal Snapshot, Growing Up and As an Adult.

There is no obligation to answer all questions and you do not need to provide your real name for publication.

By sharing the knowledge of how you grew a net worth of over $1 M, we can all grow and prosper together. 

If you’re not sure how to calculate your net worth, please read Calculate Your Net Worth.

Are You An Aussie Millionaire

If you are an Australian with a net worth of over $1 M, I would love to send you interview questions via email.

Your answers to the interview questions will be written up as a blog article on this website under the category ‘Aussie Millionaires’. I am more than happy to keep your name anonymous, if desired. 

Your privacy at all times will be respected.

No identifying information in any format will be given at any time, unless permitted by yourself. 

The knowledge gained from your personal finance story will help others in their own journeys.

Are you ready to share your Aussie Millionaire story?

If you are interested in sharing your financial story, please leave a message on the Contact Page. All correspondence will be handled with confidentiality.

Thanking you very much.

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