A Poem About Consumerism: Forgotten

The skipper stopped in silent shock,

The waves all disappeared,

He fought the pictures in his mind,

His shaking showed he feared.

The voice and vision came from below,

Beneath the glittering sea,

Cursing the skipper with eerie song,

It would not let him be.

He tried to turn away, but no

Chance of escape for him.

He’s bound to hear the creature’s tale,

With the woe that it brings.

And so the story in his head

Continued to unfold,

The creature only had one hope,

That he would hear the message told.

“Disconnected from the seasons,

Nature has no value,

Happiness comes in plastic notes,

Yet brings no joy to you.

“You chase the elusive dollar,

For never ending ‘needs’,

Never seeing the choices you make

Are ones that make you bleed.

“The air is clogged and bad to breathe,

The soil nutritionally poor,

The water’s polluted,

How can you still want more?

“Let me tell you about my kind,

We are part of the cycle of life,

How we suffer at your doing,

Oh, how you’ve brought us strife.

“We exist beneath the ocean

And inhale cool crisp air,

Our world was the Garden of Eden

Until we saw you there.

“Good food was always plentiful,

The water clear as glass,

And kelp growing in abundance,

We had pride in our past.

“Healthy bodies and healthy minds,

Coloured corals and sky,

Nature gave us paradise,

To be enjoyed by you and I. 

“In the past, people recognised

The giver of all life,

Now you’re bent on destruction,

Blinded by self-told lies.

“Your people sought the cities,

Your people sought the crime,

Money ahead of nature,

Now we’re all doing the time.

“Your dreadful polluting industry,

Your agrochemical farming,

Your capitalist ways of greed,

Disturbing the mind and body,

With your short-sighted need.”

The stunned skipper shook his head,

He hadn’t done these things,

He said, surprised, “You have it all wrong.

It’s progress that we bring.”

But still the creature held him fast,

Firmly locked by the mind,

The story’s only just begun,

The skipper in a bind.

“Now our food is getting scarcer,

Wastelands grow and grow,

We’re going where we should not be,

Knowing things we shouldn’t know.

“Our food supply is corrupted

By your things dumped in the sea,

Our homeland’s disappearing,

This is not how things should be.

“At first we did not, could not know

The source of all our woes,

Our deformed and dying infants,

Added yet a greater blow.

“We found it was not us alone,

Who suffered as we do,

Our friends, the gentle whales cry,

Despairing in the deep, deep blue.

“Starved, deformed and hunted,

Their ancient wisdom knew,

Modern harmful influences,

Affects destroyers too!

“Sadly, we cannot make you see

That what you’ve done to us,

Is now returning to disturb

Your barely living land.

“Desperately trying to escape,

We travelled far and wide,

 Searching for sea pollution free,

Found no where left to hide.

“This is why we have to tell you,

As many as we can,

I’m risking myself for capture,

Trying to make you understand.

“I come upon the threshold,

Where our two worlds do meet,

I swim among your badlands

To surrender at your feet.

“I am not here for entertainment,

Your clapping or your cheers,

The message I bring in danger

Is one of abject fear.

“Don’t struggle or turn away when

My mind connects with yours,

We’ve kept our power a secret

Knowing your want for more.

“Now our despair has come to such

It’s do or die for us,

We have no other choice

But to depend upon your trust.

“The pictures showing in your mind,

Sounds only you can hear,

Are from two-way telepathy,

Do not shake in fear.

“Across the species barrier,

We send to you our thoughts,

Please hear that we are dying

Because of things you’ve bought.

“Your worship of the dollar has

Destroyed our very world,

Have you all forgotten

The creator of the pearl?

“Yet we have another message,

One filled with longing hope,

Of freedom from our living death,

Back to nature’s kaleidoscope.

“Worship nature like it’s your god,

Love, respect and thank,

For she is everything and more,

The ultimate sacrosanct.

“She supplies us with our shelter,

The clothes upon your back,

Nourishing food in our bellies,

Bounty along the track.

“Treat nature well and you will find

Everything you could need,

A satisfying connected life

Opened by nature’s keys.

“It is much that we must ask you,

For our survival and yours,

A total reverse of values,

Honouring a different cause.

“When all the creatures of this earth

Can sing in joy as one,

Will be the time when you will know

That your job has been done.”

The lone dolphin released its lock

From the sad skipper’s mind,

Although he had received knowledge,

He preferred to be blind.


This is a poem I wrote in 2009 and it is still as relevant today as it was back then.

We all need to open our eyes and become aware of how consumerism is damaging the environment.

The world has limited resources and so do your finances. Please don’t destroy them both by buying things you don’t need.

What I care about is how much of a better world we’re all going to get to live in if we all become a bit more rational with our money. Money really is a powerful thing. It has the power to completely improve the world we live in or it could also trash it overnight depending on the choices we make with our money.

Peter Adeney

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