DIY All Natural Mushroom Salt

Now, before you do the eww yuck how could you eat that attitude, keep an open mind because you might just become a Mushroom Salt convert. (Can you tell I have children? Or perhaps you’ve figured out I’m a primary school teacher?)

Admittedly, I thought the whole Mushroom Salt concept weird. Yet the more I thought about it, the more I thought why not. There’s salt and pepper combined in one grinder, there’s chilli salt, heck, there’s even chicken salt that contains no chicken and is full of fake flavour enhancers – so why not Mushroom Salt.

This is an all natural recipe containing two ingredients (or three if you want added dried chilli).


1 part dried mushrooms (any edible mushroom)

2 parts salt

Optional, dried chilli to taste


Measure out the amount of dried mushrooms you have. I used the dried Saffron Milkcaps (lactarius deliciosus) that we foraged last winter and popped in the dehydrator. You can use any edible dried mushroom.

Note: Never eat any foraged mushroom unless you are 100% sure it is safe to eat.

The Saffies before they went in the dehydrator

To make the Mushroom Salt, it’s 1 part dried mushroom to 2 parts salt.

I used:

  • 100g dried mushrooms
  • 200g salt

You can, of course, adjust the amount depending on how much dried mushroom you have.

Put the salt in a food processor and gradually add the mushrooms until everything is blitzed into salt sized particles.

Food processed dried mushrooms and salt

Warning! This stuff seriously pongs when it’s being food processed!

I ended up needing to put the rangehood fan on whilst my 8 year old son decided to wear his face mask, which was a problem because he was trying to eat ice cream at the same time.

Once blitzed, put your mushroom salt in an air tight jar and use any time you’d usually add salt – but this time you get added flavour!

Mushroom Salt: I really should learn to take better photos!

Enjoy your new found love of Mushroom Salt!

For more foraged food ideas see Lilly Pilly Jelly, or Edible Weeds.

Seriously, would you be game enough to try Mushroom Salt? Please comment below.