DIY Jaffa Orange Slices

Jaffa Orange Slices are super easy to make with a food dehydrator. They are deliciously moorish dehydrated slices of orange which are then dipped in chocolate.

We picked up our food dehydrator at a garage sale for a couple of dollars a few years ago. You can get them quite cheap second hand as they are not an ‘in thing’ like the Thermomix.

These are more an ‘adult’ flavour, although my six year old will happily much on them all day – but then she doesn’t have a limited palate like her brother (roll’s eyes).


  • About 6 oranges – depends on the size of the oranges
  • Around 375g milk choc melts (I used no name)


Keeping the orange peel on, slice the oranges as thin as you can without them falling apart.

Yes, I know it’s weird, but you keep the peel on and eat it too! Trust me here. It truly is a delicious flavour when dried.

Place the orange slices in a food dehydrator so they are not touching each other to allow for air flow. (Don’t look too closely at the photo below, haha.)

Freshly sliced oranges with the peel left on

Our oranges took around 12 hours to dry based on the appliance heat recommendation for fruit. Your orange slices could take less or more time depending on the size of your oranges, the slice thickness, the juiciness, and the dehydrator you are using.

After they have dried, melt the choc melts in a double boiler. I use a stainless bowl over a small saucepan of simmering water. Stir the chocolate until melted. Remove from heat.

There will be enough chocolate to coat half of each orange slice.

Dip the dried orange slice in the chocolate to cover half the slice.

If you’d like to coat the entire orange slice, you will need to double the amount of choc melts used.

Put the choc coated slices on a cooling rack, to well, cool.

Store the oh so yummy Jaffa slices in a jar in a cool place.

Setting the chocolate on the dried orange slices

Then eat!

Did you know orange peel can also be used to make Christmas decorations and pomanders?

What’s your favourite dried food? Please share below in the comments!