Flower Power: Fancy Free Food

Up-level your cooking and food presentation with flower power.

These fancy free foods are probably growing in your garden, or even as a weed!

This visual guide will help you recognise what’s edible and what’s not.

Edible Flower Safety

As with any foraged food, if you’re not 100% sure about identifying a plant as edible, then don’t eat it.

Other things to be mindful about are the potential for flowers to have been in contact with herbicides such as Roundup, particularly on roadsides, and from any pollutants that may already be in the soil.

It’s a good idea when trying any new food to only consume a small amount in case you are part of a minority who develop an allergy to a particular food item. For example, the milk thistle contains a natural latex.

Common Garden Flowers


The flowers and peppery tasting leaves are edible

Snap Dragon Flowers

Found on the fanciest of meals

Rose Petals

On cakes, fresh or dried, candied or sugared

Carnation Petals

Enjoy the sweet tasting petals by cutting off the bitter white base of the petal

Calendula Petals

Sprinkle the petals on a salad for added pizzazz

Marigold Petals

Add the petals to a stir fry, salad or quiche

Pansy, Viola, Johnny Jump Up & Native Violets

Old fashioned Johnny Jump Up
Native violet (grows like a weed)

Vegetable Flowers


Stuff and deep fried them, you can also eat the leaves like spinach

Zucchini & Squash

Stuff raw flowers with a soft cheese and olive tapenade

Broccoli & Cauliflower Flowers

I adore snacking on broccoli flowers!


Even the flowers taste like radishes

Peas (Not Ornamental)

I’m actually surprised we end up with podded peas as my kids love eating the flowers!


Much like pea flowers – yum!

Herb Flowers


Flavour ice cream, oil, pesto, cream cheese or tea


One of the most delicious smells on Earth


Add flowers to a salad, or as a cake garnish


Strip the lemon flavoured flowers with the leaves off the stalk, and use how you’d usually use thyme


Try mint flowers in an iced tea


Use in vegetable dishes or as a pizza topping


Sprinkle over a meal


Use with any food enhanced by a delicate onion flavour


Eat the flowers when still young and delicate


Add to salads, soup, pasta, stew, tea, cakes, biscuits, slices and dessert

Weed Flowers


Has a mild pea flavour


Add these sweet flavoured flowers to a salad


Apparently, an aphrodisiac …

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