Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers

Ah, temporary fun and plastic trinkets that will pollute the next 16 generations. What a cracker of an idea.

In the UK alone last year 150,000,000 Christmas crackers were sold and ended up in landfill. Now imagine this statistic globally EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It is so much culturally endorsed pollution and it’s time we did things differently.

For the traditionalists, you don’t need to do away with Christmas crackers – you need to make your choices planet friendly and sustainable.

How To Make A Christmas Cracker

You could DIY Christmas crackers by using toilet paper rolls and recyclable brown paper. The Simple Life has a great tutorial with a template included to make these crackers.

DIY: The Simple Life Christmas crackers

The Thoroughly Modern Grandma has a similar cracker idea, but with the snap included and tissue paper as the outer layer.

Days Filled With Joy have a tutorial for making reusable fabric Christmas crackers, although it does require some sewing skills.

There’s also the option of buying reusable Christmas crackers like these:

Inside the Christmas Cracker

Now we’ve covered the outer layer of the Christmas cracker, it’s time to consider your eco-friendly gift options for inside the cracker. This is where the fun starts!

First, think about the age of your guests. Some items are definitely for adults only, others although child friendly will only interest grown ups, and some are for the kids or the young at heart.

Check out this list for many eco-friendly Christmas cracker ideas:

Do you have eco-friendly Christmas cracker ideas? I’d love to read about them. Please scroll below and leave your suggestions in the comments box.

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