Frugal Holiday Craft From Crap: Fridge Magnets

You know you’ve got too much time on your hands when you decide to audit the crap stuff stuck to the fridge.

After a year of school newsletters, pictures the kids have drawn for you (expecting you’ll keep them forever), receipts for who-knows-what that you were certain you needed to keep, newspaper stories that needed to be saved? Well, our fridge filled up pretty quickly.

A constant on our fridge at home is the standard real estate agent’s yearly fridge magnet calendar, you know those magnets that appear in the mailbox. 

Hmmm, what can I do with these?

Getting the Kids Involved

It got me thinking: these magnets are large enough that you can easily cut them up and make different shapes from them. They could be made into something new!

It was time to give those magnets a fresh lease on life and make new magnets from old.

I cut our magnets with a Stanley knife, but you could also use a reasonable pair of craft or kitchen scissors. Just not the sewing scissors that you could lose your life over (or at least your bed spot) for ‘ruining the cutting edge!’

So to be safe, I stuck with the Stanley knife and kept the Cash Hippy happy. The kids used their own scissors.

We cut out rectangles and triangles. Alternatively, you don’t have to cut them at all. Just leave them as they are, they’ll work the same for this idea.

I recommend using a Stanley knife and not the wife’s sewing scissors.

How Good Are Your Fingernails?

Generally, real estate magnets have a shiny surface that needs to be peeled away for this craft activity.

Just don’t remove the paper entirely from the magnet. You should be able to separate the advertising image leaving some of the paper intact. This will provide you with either something to draw directly onto, or it gives the glue a better surface to adhere on.

Peeling off the advertising

Decorating the Magnets

I got the kids to raid the craft cupboard for sticker books and magazines that kids often have.

Images with princesses and trains, cartoon characters or similar will make great ideas for this project. Whatever it is that your children are interested in (or yourself).

These pictures then can be simply glued onto the magnets by using a glue stick or other craft glue. Or you could draw directly onto the paper left from peeling the advertising away.

We decided on all the options, making simple puzzles and patterns, and by using pictures of cartoon characters, trains, trucks and animals.

Time to Display the Handy Work

Now you’re done, assemble your craft from crap creations on the fridge for all to admire.

Some of the finished magnets

You’ve decluttered the fridge, repurposed some stuff, and spent a good hour doing something fun with your kids. From my point of view, that’s time well spent.

Just remember to have a crack. What’s the worst that can happen?

Mr Hack

Looking for more frugal holiday ideas? Ours kids love geocaching, going on a picnic and bike riding. Maybe yours will too?

Do you have a frugal craft idea from crap to share? Please scroll down to the comments box and let us know!

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      Thanks, I’ll pass your comment onto Mr Hack!

    • 4 February 2021 at 11:34 am

      Hi Carly, I’d love to see your finished magnets and show my kids! Please send through some photos!


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