Gift Wrapping A Bottle: Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Ever purchased a bottle of wine as gift, yet didn’t want to pay for one of those glossy bottle gift bags?

There is an eco-friendly bottle gift wrapping alternative that won’t cost the Earth.


To wrap a bottle you will need something to wrap it in.

Eco-friendly suggestions include:

You’ll also need something to tie it up with. You could use:

  • Natural jute twine
  • Butcher’s 100% cotton twine
  • Ribbon, keep reusing for other gifts
  • Raffia, plant based
  • Wool


Lay the paper in a diamond shape.
Fold the paper at the bottom of the bottle to make pleats.
After you have covered the bottom of the bottle with pleats, fold the paper so that it makes a straight line with the base of the bottle. Then roll the paper around the bottle.
Secure the last end of the paper around the bottle with a little sticky tape (plastic free Washi tape is good).
Your gift wrapped bottle should now look like this.
Scrunch the paper at the neck of the bottle and use an eco-friendly tie.
That’s it – you’re done!
The last thing to do is to feel proud when gifting your eco-friendly gift wrapped present!

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