Twist And Tie Gift Wrapping: Eco-Friendly Alternatives

A beautiful way to gift wrap an item such as a book or box of chocolates is to use the twist and tie method of gift wrapping.

Try to avoid buying the standard gift wrapping papers as they are bad for the environment and are a waste of your money.

What’s really good about this method is that it requires no sticky tape.

Gift wrapping can still look beautiful without costing the Earth.


For the twist and tie gift wrapping method, consider using these eco-friendly suggestions:

  • Newspaper
  • Tissue paper
  • A piece of fabric which can be reused again and again (Furoshiki)

You’ll also need something to tie it up with. You could use:

  • Natural jute twine
  • Butcher’s 100% cotton twine
  • Ribbon, keep reusing for other gifts
  • Raffia, plant based
  • Wool


Using two sheets of tissue paper, newspaper, or a piece of fabric, fold one side over the gift.
Then fold the other side over.
Next, fold one end over, then the other end.
Grab the two ends so that they meet in middle and scrunch them together.

Finish the gift off with an eco-friendly/reusable tie.
That’s it – you’re done!
The last thing to do is to feel proud when gifting your eco-friendly gift wrapped present!

The Furoshiki Method

Place your item in the middle of the fabric.
Grab the two sides of the fabric and fold them over neatly on top of the gift.
Bring up the end of the fabric so that it follows the edge of the item.
Repeat on the other end.
The same as the paper method, get the two end to meet in the middle and scrunch them together.
Finish off the gift with an eco-friendly/reusable tie.

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