Make A Paper Flower: Gift Wrapping Alternatives

Forget about plastic curling ribbon and glossy plastic rosettas, make your own paper flowers.

Not only will these paper flowers cost a fraction of the price of plastic not-so-fantastics, they are also better for the environment as they are compostable.

It’s perfect for when actual flowers aren’t blooming, or won’t last for long enough on the gift, or will damage the gift from weeping.


To make an eco-friendly flower you will need:

You’ll also need a cord. You could use:

  • Natural jute twine
  • Butcher’s 100% cotton twine
  • Wool


Using tissue paper, or newspaper, cut two 30 cm x 8 cm rectangles. Place one on top of the other.
For flowers with more volume, add more layers of paper.
Fold in half lengthways.
Fold in half widthways. Continue to fold until the paper is small like in the picture.
Cut the top of the paper into a semi-circle. This will form the flower petals.
Open out the paper and slip a length of cord down the centre.
Then fold in half.
Hold the cord so it doesn’t shift.
Gather the paper by pushing it down the cord.

Once the paper is gathered tightly, tie the cord in a knot to secure in place.
Fold out the petals by starting at the outside, working in.
Now your flower is finished, use it as an eco-friendly gift decoration!

For more eco-friendly and frugal gift wrapping ideas please head on over to:

2 thoughts on “Make A Paper Flower: Gift Wrapping Alternatives

  • 19 January 2021 at 4:28 am

    I use brown paper as a gift wrap for everything except Christmas presents.
    Using this idea with it will look really cool.

    • 19 January 2021 at 12:33 pm

      I would love to see your brown paper flowers when you make them!

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