Make A Frugal Gift Box: Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Can’t get to the shop, or simply don’t want to spend money – make your own gift box from materials you already have at home.

This is made from two pieces which slip in together to form a box. It’s suitable for anytime you require a small gift box. It’s also great for sharing your bay leaves, dried chillies etc.

Another fantastic benefit is that it requires no sticky tape or glue to construct.

It’s time to get your origami on!


  • Newspaper, or
  • An old magazine, or
  • Craft paper


Cut out a square and fold twice.
For the other half of the box, cut out another square 0.5 cm smaller.
Follow the instructions to make both halves.
Open out and fold corners in to meet in the centre.
Fold the two sides in to meet at the middle. This creates the fold lines.
Undo and repeat on the other sides.
The paper with the prepared fold lines on all four sides.
Cut along the red dotted cut line until you reach the cross of the fold lines.
Do this on all four corners.
After cutting the fold lines, open out the top and bottom folds and arrange like in the picture.
Holding the two sides, fold the bottom up and over the side flaps.
Repeat with the top.
Half the box is now finished.
Get the other piece of smaller paper and make the other half of the box.
Slip the two halves together for a finished box.
Well done, you made an eco-friendly and frugal gift box!

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