Make A Simple Bouquet: Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Perhaps you’ve got some lovely flowers growing in your garden that you’d like to share with friends or loved ones. Make this simple bouquet by using things you already have at home such as baking paper or newspaper.

This is a great eco-friendly alternative to purchasing flowers wrapped in plastic from the shop. It’s also completely frugal as it’s using supplies you already own.

No sticky tape required!


  • Baking paper or newspaper
  • Optional: paper doily
  • Scissors
  • Compostable bag (green waste or dog poop bag)
  • Elastic band (we reuse them from spring onion packaging)
  • Flowers, herbs or leaves

You’ll also need something to tie it up with. You could use:

  • Natural jute twine
  • Butcher’s 100% cotton twine
  • Ribbon, keep reusing for other gifts
  • Raffia, plant based
  • Wool


First, cut a square.
Fold the paper into a smaller triangle.
Keep folding the triangle over until you’ve folded four times and it looks like this.
Cut a semi-circle to form the shape of the petals.
Unfold the paper.

If you did more than four folds earlier, you will end up with smaller ‘petals’.
Grab a compostable bag (such as a green waste or dog poop bag).
Cut the bag so that it is the right size to cover the ends of flowers and prevent them from dripping on the paper.
Put the flower stalk ends in the compostable bag and secure with an elastic band.
Place the flowers on top of the paper and fold up the bottom edge.
The doily is an optional extra.
Fold over the right side of the paper.
Then fold the left side over.
Bind the bouquet together with an eco-friendly or reusable tie.
That’s it – you’ve just created an eco-friendly and frugal bouquet of flowers!

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