Carly From My Green Toddler: Perth Eco-Warrior

Welcome to the first of a new series about environmental sustainability. The goal of the Eco-Warrior series is to inspire, educate and challenge others seeking a more sustainable lifestyle.

It also delves into the link between money and the environment.

Find out what other people are doing as they navigate through their own sustainability journeys.

We now present for you our very first eco-warrior!

Personal Snapshot

Name: Carly from My Green Toddler

Locality: Inner City Perth. Temperate climate

Family: I live with my partner and my two year old son and four year old daughter

Occupation: I currently work as a quality and environment business partner for a professional services firm

Sustainability Journey

I’d say I’m half way to becoming an eco-warrior. Last year I finally found a composter that would suit our lifestyle (time poor) so was excited to implement that. I have also been eating less meat and creating a waterwise garden.

Carly finds a composter is an important part of her sustainability journey.

A couple of triggers spurred my sustainability journey. Meeting my partner eight years ago, he was fanatical about recycling properly. He always removes sticky tape from wrapping paper and staples from magazines before recycling them. Then with the birth of my first child I started using cloth nappies which led me to consider other disposable items that could be reduced.

When I joined a Facebook Buy Nothing group a year later, I could no longer stand to throw anything away. It was amazing to see how someone elses junk could be useful to another person. I can’t recommend highly enough joining a local Buy Nothing group to become a part of the circular economy. You can easily clear out the things you don’t need and also get stuff for free!

I have recently joined a few Facebook groups about living sustainably and reducing waste and hearing from people who are further along on their sustainability journey inspires me. 

This year my aim is to install solar panels and begin recycling some things that take a little more effort due to specific drop offs like lids and pens. 

I am particularly passionate about textile waste. I have not bought any new clothes for myself in four years and love op shopping. I also have found a very reasonably priced tailor to mend clothes as required. I have found it very difficult to find what to do with badly stained or ripped kids clothes but now there are more options to recycle them.

Concerned about textile waste, Carly only buys op shop clothing.

Money and the Environment

Sustainability vs cost is really interesting. Cost is a huge motivator. But there are many eco-friendly actions that either cost nothing or save money. For example reducing electricity use saves money as does buying second hand. And saying no to plastic straws and switching to e-bills doesn’t cost anything. These are things that everyone could be doing easily as cost is not a barrier.

However, other sustainable actions do cost money and can be seen as luxury purchases for those who can afford them. Buying local manufactured products costs more but has the added bonus of being more ethical.

Many eco-friendly purchases can be seen as an investment. Solar panels will eventually pay for themselves. Buying alternatives to cling wrap may seem pricey but will last a very long time.

I strongly urge everyone to do what they can to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Not everyone has to be off grid and zero waste but your small actions can add up to have a huge impact and may also influence others.

Do You Have A Sustainability Journey To Share?

Would you like to share the story of your sustainability journey?

Maybe you’ve just begun, or you’ve been doing this for years. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

Perhaps you have a story to share about any one or more of these topics:

  • growing your own food
  • preserving food
  • permaculture
  • minimalism
  • living frugally
  • zero waste
  • reduce, reuse, repair, recycle
  • alternative power sources/housing
  • reducing car usage
  • up-cycling
  • reducing usage of single-use products
  • reducing plastic products in your household/work place
  • vegetarianism/veganism
  • sustainable farming
  • composting
  • buying locally
  • environmental community groups

By sharing knowledge, we can all grow and prosper together to co-create a healthier world.

If interested, I’ll email you the Eco-Warrior questionnaire. When responding to questions you can answer as many, or as few, of the questions as you like.

It will be fantastic if you could also send through a few photos to visually show your eco-friendly lifestyle.

I am more than happy to keep your name anonymous if desired, and your privacy at all times will be respected. No identifying information in any format will be given at any time, unless permitted by yourself. 

Want to share your story? Please head on over to our Contact Page and send me a message!

Did you know we also have a series on financial sustainability called Aussie Millionaires.

It’s important to be not only environmentally sustainable, but also financially sustainable. All your money choices directly impact the environment as they are either good, neutral and downright bad for the planet.

So, please, share your story. The planet needs our collective sustainability knowledge.

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  • 12 February 2021 at 6:41 pm

    Grear read. Well done Carly and family🙂


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